Meet 360 Growth Partners

Who are 360 Growth Partners?

Think of us as an extension to your internal team - your partners on the inside, not the consultants on the outside.

We offer a full 360 business support and operate on a flexible needs-based approach.

We support businesses like yours to achieve your goals by working together and staying true to our principles.

"Andrew has what I believe to be a rare combination of leadership skills with a pragmatic approach to and knowledge of strategic planning and management systems that work for smaller and medium sized businesses."

Alan Holmes, Chair at Innovation Super Network

Alan Holmes, Chair at Innovation Super Network

Fit is important

We work with businesses as a trusted partner by taking the time to understand what you do, sharing your vision and working together to achieve it.

We believe that great things can happen when you inspire belief in your team to share and live the dreams of your organisation. That is why we focus so much on building a strong partnership based on shared values of collaboration, delivery, simplicity, positivity and respect.

These values underpin everything we do. They guide how we work together, make decisions and how we work with our clients.

360 Growth Partners Core Values

"TGA Consulting Engineers have been working with 360 Growth Partners for 18 months and in this time, Andrew and his colleagues have become a valued extension to our own team.
Initially helping us to identify and clarify our values and goals, 360 Growth Partners have given us access to expertise that, as engineers, we don’t have as well as tried and tested strategies to improve our effectiveness in running and developing our organisation."

Graeme Carr, Partner at TGA Consulting Engineers

Graeme Carr, Partner at TGA Consulting Engineers

Meet the team

Led by Andrew Silver, the team is made up of a diverse range of experts who can provide your business with the advice and hands-on help to implement your growth plan.
Andrew Silver20180721094128

Andrew Silver

Andrew is a business owner, partner, mentor and coach, passionate about supporting SMEs in the North East achieve their vision. Unlike many business consultants, he has worked within businesses for over 30 years and has been a Board director, MD and CEO of varying sizes of SMEs in different sectors.
Mark Jenkinson20180720094252

Mark Jenkinson

Business Technology Associate
Mark is a business technology specialist who is passionate about how the right technology adoption is fundamental to business success.
Alice Ackroyd FCIPD20180720095534

Alice Ackroyd FCIPD

Leadership Development & HR Associate
Alice is a seasoned HR and development specialist passionate about helping management teams create structures and cultures where people feel valued, rewarded and able to deliver their best.
Samantha Legget20190620203552

Samantha Legget

Marketing Associate
Sam is a proven B2B and B2C marketing expert passionate about aligning marketing activity to the overall strategy to help businesses deliver against their core objectives and realise their vision.
Anna Shepherd20210928223543

Anna Shepherd

Digital Marketing Associate
Anna is a seasoned digital marketing specialist passionate about helping businesses plan, implement, measure, and optimise their marketing activities and campaigns to help them deliver against their targets and realise their vision.
David Thomas20230324112327

David Thomas

Finance Associate
David is a highly experienced finance specialist passionate about helping business owners achieve their growth ambitions, by helping them to understand their numbers, set relevant objectives and milestones, and find the right finance and funding strategies.
Debbie Barber20230330203809

Debbie Barber

Project Administration Manager
Debbie is responsible for implementing and managing new operational systems aimed at supporting the team of associates at 360, as well as enhancing the client experience.

If you're looking for a business partner to help you

Supporting your success

We work in partnership with clients to support sustainable growth. Here are some recent examples:

Moving IT from a supporting to optimised business service

“Mark and the 360 Team have offered invaluable support in assisting the team navigate through complex technology decisions. They provided insights and support to help us develop our technology strategy and continue to provide advice and guidance. They are more like additional team members rather than consultants.”
Mark Peart , Head of IT at International Centre for Life
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Using leadership development to build capability for growth

“We were very aware we needed to support our engineering specialists to develop and further enhance their leadership and management skills as we continued to grow the business.
All of the senior leadership team are primarily focused on our employees, client relationships and project responsibilities so it was great to find a partner who could provide ‘bite sized’ group development and targeted 121 coaching. We found this really helped our managers and leaders grow in confidence and become even more effective leaders to continue taking the business forward.”
Steven Horn, Director at Black & White Engineering
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Using brand to compete in a global marketplace

“360 Growth Partners helped us develop our identity and build a brand that would project confidence into the marketplace. We achieved the aim and as a result we have seen a rapid increase in interest for the provision of our products and services in the UK, and now also opportunities to work internationally.
Growing and developing a brand and brand strategy is an ongoing process and we fully expect to seek the expertise of 360 Growth Partners in the future as we go from success to success.”
Mark Philpott, CEO of NPH Group
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We can help grow your business

We can help you grow your business and develop your team

We understand strategy and business theory, but our passion is about making things happen, it’s the implementation that matters, so you can successfully grow your business.

We are here to help you; achieve your vision, develop your people, improve your performance and increase your profit.

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