Client Scenarios

A leading operator in the travel market who had grown organically for many years wanted to develop a strategic plan to accelerate growth.

360 Growth Partners were engaged by the owner to collaborate on a growth plan and then assist with its implementation.

First stage was a ‘360 insight’ analysis and strategic plan but with a clear focus on key short-term actions.
360 Growth Partners work as an extension to the internal management team as required. The owner of 360 and the business work collaboratively with regular business reviews to identify challenges, priorities and solutions. Work includes 121 business coaching, implementation of a leadership forum, developing a performance management framework, a brand book, project management and financial management and support.
A leading UK provider of recruitment assessment materials needed to create a simple plan to underpin current and future growth.

The owner engaged 360 Growth Partners to create a simple strategic plan, financial rigour and roadmap to focus future growth and give more clarity of proposition and offering.

Following the initial project 360 then supported the business in its launch of another product and conducted regular business reviews to hold the business owner to account and help provide solutions to key business challenges.

360 Growth Partners worked with the business for 12 months before a change in business circumstances meant the partnership came to an end.

A growing B2B marketing agency who were experiencing rapid growth needed a simple strategic and action plan to build the foundations for future growth.

360 Growth Partners were engaged by the owner to conduct a ‘360 insight’ analysis and created a simple business strategy with ongoing support to deliver/assist others in the delivery of the plan. This included a project to find a suitable project management tool and 121 business coaching to support a member of the leadership team. We also led a brand development project working with a third party and the new identity was launched in 2018.

The agency continues to see strong growth and 360 Growth Partners have now been involved with the business for 12 months and are looking to support further business planning, the development of the team and clear ways of working to create long term sustainable growth.

A public speaking coaching start up needed to crystallise their proposition, brand and service offering.

The owner contacted 360 Growth Partners to conduct a market and service analysis before creating a simple strategic growth plan. We also worked on a brand development project to make sure the unique difference and proposition was clear through all the company’s external communication.

The business is beginning to get real traction in the market, has a great pipeline and is predicting to double turnover next year.

360 Growth Partners have worked with the business for 6 months and will hopefully agree a retainer that will mean we provide business coaching/mentorship over the next critical phase of the company’s growth.

A leadership & development partnership needed to develop a growth plan and review its service offering and proposition.

The owner engaged 360 Growth Partners to conduct a 360 review of the business and create a simple strategic plan to guide future growth. The business has seen impressive growth in sales and profit levels and 360 are now working with the owner on a retained basis to conduct regular business reviews and provide 121 business coaching/mentorship.

An established NE healthcare business wanted to accelerate growth and clarify future vision and direction.

360 Growth Partners  were appointed to support with creating a new growth strategy. The support included refining the business proposition, developing a one-page strategic plan and working with the owner and business manager to implement it.

The business has a greater clarity of performance and is currently experiencing strong growth in sales. 360 Growth Partners are now working alongside the internal team to implement a marketing plan and activity to drive further growth as well as providing coaching and mentoring support to the senior team.

360 Growth Partners has been working with the business for 4 months.

client scenario vibrant creative agency
A vibrant creative agency which has grown exponentially over two years, wanted to create a strategic plan to accelerate growth nationally.

As with all start-ups and scaling businesses, growth brings challenges as well as opportunities. Suddenly days are consumed dealing with everyday client and team issues which can quickly impact on growth. Often, we find ourselves doing tasks that we don’t enjoy and perhaps don’t fit with our strengths.  

Vida Creative wanted to put some more definitive plans in place to create a long-term, sustainable business. The senior management team recognised that if the business was going to realise its full potential, it must work on the overall strategy, understand how best to resource it and play to the strengths of individuals within the team in terms of delivering against objectives. That’s where 360 Growth Partners came in, creating a holistic business plan that will help Vida Creative reach their goals more quickly.

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