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"Mark and the 360 Team have offered invaluable support in assisting the team navigate through complex technology decisions. They provided insights and support to help us develop our technology strategy and continue to provide advice and guidance. They are more like additional team members rather than consultants."

Mark Peart, Head of Information Technology at International Centre for Life

Mark Peart Head of Information Technology International Centre for Life

Our proven 5 step process

Discover how our simple 5 step process can help you unlock your technology potential and help you to scale and grow.
We asses your business
We advise your business
We create a growth plan for your business
We make things happen
What gets measured gets done

“I would openly recommend Mark to anyone looking for someone to create a sensible business technology plan and then deliver it. He is well equipped to help businesses (and staff) progress at a manageable pace, when it comes to understanding and delivering IT change and developments."

Ben Watling, Director at Connect Health

Ben Watling, Director at Connect Health

Align your technology with your business vision

Technology strategy process
Technology Insight


  • Technology investment review
  • IT service provider review
  • Technology cost review
  • Data/digital assessment
  • Understand existing tech platform
Technology Strategy


  • Business aligned technology strategy
  • Assessment of technology risks & opportunities


Technology planning
  • Technology roadmap
  • Technology change management
  • Priority planning
Technology Support

Delivery Support

  • Implementation management
  • Supplier/tool selection
  • (Cyber) security assessments
  • Information governance frameworks
  • Business process mapping
  • Technology function support
  • Mentoring

Our latest technology insights

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The Strategic Role of Technology Systems and Processes in Unlocking Your Business Potential

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Client Spotlight: Centre For Life

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Is Technology Driving Your Strategy?

"Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master." - Christian Lous LangeAs businesses transition to the digital economy and move to more agile ways of working they risk falling prey to the “shiny object” syndrome. Investing in “cool” d...
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