Alice Ackroyd FCIPD

Alice Ackroyd

Alice is a seasoned HR and development specialist passionate about helping management teams create structures and cultures where people feel valued, rewarded and able to deliver their best.

Many business owners struggle to attract, retain and develop the right people to grow their business.

Having worked as a development specialist within businesses for many years, Alice can help develop and implement a people plan that is aligned with the business’ goals and vision for growth.

Unlike many HR and Development consultants, she has worked in growing organisations throughout her career, and understands the importance of creating an employee value proposition and culture which supports employees to perform.

Working as a partner on the inside, not a consultant on the outside, she can help businesses to identify the type of people that will thrive in their organisation, define their culture and values, and then look at how they can recruit and develop their talent of the future.

Image of Alice Ackroyd, Leadership Development & HR associate

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