When did you last look in the mirror?

Andrew Silver, Founder of 360 Growth Partners shares his thoughts on growth mindset

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional”

– John Maxwell

As we start the new year now is the time when a lot of our clients are reflecting on the progress they made in 2022 and their plans for the future, from both a business and personal perspective. As leaders we are all integral to realising these plans not only in the actions we take but the way we lead, manage and develop others.

At 360 Growth Partners we deliver coaching and mentoring for individuals and leadership teams to help improve their leadership skills, performance management, personal confidence, attitudinal change, motivation, and communication skills.

Over the years we’ve found that the key to achieving real value and results for our clients is working with individuals and organisations who share a learning mindset. The support and development individuals receive externally complements and is consistent with the way they are managed on a day-to-day basis. We are habitual animals and change doesn’t come easily.  Small changes supported by new learning and regular feedback are the foundations for personal growth.


Managing yourself

 “You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first”

– Peter Drucker

When do we stop learning as leaders? How do you know you are a great leader or manager? The answers, in our opinion, are never and by asking the people you manage! So often the barriers to success come from within. An attitude that as leaders we are infallible and performance issues are the challenge of the employee. We start any coaching or mentoring engagement with some self-reflection to gain a better understanding of our own personality, our own ‘blind spots’ and how well we adapt to others. When did you last ‘look in the mirror?’ As leaders our impact is significant but are you a barrier to, or enabler of, success and personal growth?

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Managing others

“Focus on what you are good at; delegate all else.”

– Steve Jobs

Good leaders or managers never stop learning and have a passion for self-development, but they also appreciate that it takes two to achieve great performance. It is the job of a leader or manager to help others perform to the best of their abilities and support them with their development.  Giving clarity of direction, allowing others to shine a light on their expertise and providing useful and specific feedback are all integral to the effective management of others. The challenge is that what works for one person may not work for another so like a great golfer we need to take out the right club for the right shot understanding the course conditions!

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Leading others

“A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create”

 – Mahatma Gandhi

Authentic leaders have a clear moral compass and are comfortable showing vulnerability. None of us are the finished article and the way we lead should allow others the space to excel and learn. We want to create an environment where the business can succeed without us, where our opinion or advice is sought only when necessary and we spend our time creating the direction and ‘being the change we want to see.’ How much are you leading, managing or doing?

How do we know how effective we are as leaders?  We have so many more aces in our deck of cards. How do you give your people a better hand? Start by looking in the mirror and become obsessed with enabling meaningful feedback. Give it and seek it in equal measure but be specific and make the time to actively listen. The latter is a skill in itself.

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As Gandhi also said – “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – In order to grow your business and develop your team to support future growth, you must lead by example and be the role model of your organisational values and behaviours.

We hope that you find our top tips useful and that they help you to reflect and identify changes you can make to improve your own performance. Remember without action it is all just words. What change can you make today to become a more effective leader?


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