Are you realising your full potential? What’s stopping you?

Andrew Silvers Talks About Improving Performance

"It always seems impossible until its done."

– Nelson Mandela

We work with many inspiring people. People who are committed to their dreams, who don’t accept the status quo and who are passionate about making a difference. The pandemic reset priorities and reminded us that life can be very unpredictable. People left employment and the ‘rat race’ in their droves leaving us with a new work landscape. The pandemic fast tracked change and created a new relationship between employer and employee. We learnt more about the people that we work with (we had a window into their homes!) and understood that purpose, mastery and autonomy are essential, not desirable.

How to improve your performance


Have you done your post pandemic re-set?

As the dust settles have you stopped to reflect on where you are at? We encourage organisations to conduct a post pandemic reset. Businesses were doing great things prior to 2019! Take the learning from those months of isolation but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  There are far more educated commentators who will debate organisational productivity pre and post 2019 but what about your own personal performance? Do you even know?


How are you doing?

I was listening to Simon Sinek’s podcast – ‘A bit of optimism’ over my eggs and sourdough a few weeks ago and he was talking to General CQ Brown, one of the most senior ranked members of the US military. Apart from an interesting check in on what leadership is really about they talked about the importance of making time for reflection. It is something that I talk about regularly in 121 coaching sessions. If we don’t reflect, how do we improve our performance?  I encourage clients to start with ‘self.’ We are unlikely to be the best versions of ourselves if we are struggling.


Talk to someone! (preferably your boss)

 Mindset is critical for peak performance. Businesses obsess about performance but so often don’t want to have the difficult conversations where the solutions can be found. Time is often the reason given but we are happy to spend it in the Board room debating another metric that piles more pressure on those already struggling to perform!

In a recent McKinsey article about ‘the essential middle manager’ it states ‘we know that the relationship with the boss is the most important relationship at work. And for corporations, it matters massively to the bottom line’

Having been in a management position for over 30 years the learning from Monthly 121s with team members underlies why it is now a key part of our coaching at 360. How else do you build a trusted relationship with the people that matter most? We work with senior leadership teams on how to have effective 121 conversations but even if you remember the three C’s it will be a good start. Coach, Counsel and Connection. What are the barriers to improved performance? Do we need to don the hat of the coach, are they just looking for advice or is it about building the foundations for a successful relationship?


Workstyle and lifestyle

One of the key learnings from the pandemic was that businesses can still function and even prosper with lots of people working remotely. This has enabled the choice of ‘workstyle’ as well as lifestyle. In fact the two have merged significantly as work and home have become more intertwined. Of course, this can create challenges as well as opportunities.

Take some time to identify what is your preferred workstyle and then talk to your boss about making it happen. What are your highs and lows during the day? When should you face those challenging tasks? Do you need some quick wins in the morning to get you firing? We use the ‘action priority matrix’ in our 121 coaching to consider the impact of what we are doing and the effort required to do it.

Free action priority matrix to improve your performance

Just being more aware of how we are spending our time can start to save it. Can you build in exercise, or walking the dog into your daily routine? Can you start early and finish earlier? Output has always been more important than time spent at your desk. Be clear about your objectives and KPIs and demonstrate how working to your preferred workstyle will benefit your performance and that of the business.


What else do you need to help you unlock your full potential?

Feeling burnt out? Is it the job, the company, your boss, your routine? Perhaps it is finding something that ignites your passion outside of work? The demands at different life stages can be overwhelming. Looking out the window at the successes of others can be deflating. We love our children but how many parents are hanging on for September and a return to some level of normality!

What are you doing to look after your own mental health? Be aware of what makes you feel good and what creates the wrong mindset. Do more of the former and less of the latter! You have already taken the first step by taking the time to read this blog. Now make one change that can start that journey to unlocking your full potential.

We use Larry Senn’s ‘mood elevator’ in our coaching as it helps to check in on how you are feeling as well as reminding you to do the same for others. Some days we are just not at our best so try to modify your work expectations and be ok with not being ok!

Improve your performance using The Mood Elevator


Oh, and if you’re a leader of others…

Do the same but remember your responsibility and role in the lives of those you lead. Make the time to listen and create the environment where people can perform to the best of their ability. Your bottom line will feel better for it!


If you would like to know more about 360 Growth Partners and how we could support you or your business with our coaching and mentoring programmes, then please get in touch and let’s start the conversation.