How are you responding in these changing times?

A few weeks ago I didn’t think I’d be sat here writing about how the significant amount of change in our new world has affected us all!

Like most, I’m used to meeting face to face, human to human and more favourably over a coffee!

I’m sure none of us could have predicted how our world of work would change and how rapidly, let alone how we would adapt….who knew Zoom would be so easy to use?

It’s fair to say that we will have all handled the change journey differently.  Coping with the roller coaster of reactions and emotions in our own unique way; sometimes like the Rapid River Ride, other times the Spinning Octopus or even Oblivion!

Emotional response to change

The ‘Change Curve’ helps illustrate the stages we go through on our own individual theme park ride if you like, from shock or denial, as our plans change, and in some cases even anger – why now, why us, why so soon after Brexit?

The good news is, that following resignation or depression, we usually begin to make sense of the situation, adapt and plan for the new normal – we all tend to do this at different times to others.

I know it takes me time to come to terms with change, and there will be people in your team who are the same, but there will also be some who grasp the opportunity with both hands and march on, whilst others find it more challenging and perhaps see themselves plunging into the unknown.

Understanding how personality styles affect our responses

Working from home is just one example of how individual circumstances can affect how we deal with change; our personality style is another. We are all complex characters, the beauty of being human, but there is a model that can help us understand personality better called Everything DiSC.

Everything DiSC describes four basic behavioural styles. Everyone has a blend of all four styles, but usually one or two will stand out most as your behavioural profile.

DiSC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

People with the D style tend to be direct and outgoing, in times of change they are likely to seize the day and fight back!

People with the I style tend to be lively and enthusiastic, when faced with change they could seek solace and companionship but quite often with a positive outlook

Those with the S style tend to be gentle and accommodating and their concern may often sit with understanding how others are feeling, quite often putting their feelings aside

Those with the C style tend to be precise and analytical and in times of change will be looking for data and rationale to inform their actions.

The DiSC assessment and report can help people understand each other’s reactions better, learn how to direct and delegate more effectively and understand how to handle situations like this, where we would normally be working together rather than remotely.

In these uncertain times communication becomes even more important. Providing clarity is critical, the new clarity, and then over communicating that clarity to reinforce the message!  Listen for the things that are said as well as unsaid, different personalities will open up more readily than others. A remote hand, listening ear and caring chat will go a long way, especially to those finding it hard to work in this world we find ourselves in.

‘Déjà vu’ or ‘Jamais Vu’

For all of us it’s tempting to rely on intuition, our sense of ‘Déjà vu’. But none of us have been faced with this situation before so why not adopt ‘Jamais Vu’ and approach it with an open mind, seeking thoughts and contributions from our team. You never know when solutions will present themselves  and involving others helps people feel part of the solution, which in turn helps you move the business though the change curve.

Be the best you can be, the best version of yourself, perfect is not important but humility, genuine care and desire to do things right is.Your teams will respect your honesty and rally round!