Finance Spotlight: JUMP

David Thomas - Highly Experienced Finance Specialist

Achieving Financial Clarity and System Alignment to Fuel Growth

360 Growth Partners have been working with JUMP for over three years during which they have broken through their financial ceiling, added a whole new marketing team, changed the way people are managed within the business and developed a highly engaged and motivated team.

JUMP continue to go from strength to strength, and with the foundations we’ve helped them to put in place, the management team now have a clear focus on how they can build on what they’ve achieved so far to continue on their journey to growth.

Their challenge

Gaining clarity on the financial health of the business and aligning financial systems to support their growth.


  1. To have clear, user-friendly financial monitoring tools
  2. To develop a standard template for monthly financial reporting
  3. To have the ability to compare financial performance with budget and past periods.
  4. To align the budgeting process with management account information reports.


The solution

  1. Establish a monthly reporting process and management information pack to condense Xero accounting data into a standardised format.
  2. Provide the leadership team with specific, relevant and timely information to help them effectively manage the business.
  3. Develop the upcoming fiscal year’s budget in a structure that aligns with management accounts, business strategy, marketing, and operations.

The impact

The implementation of a new monthly reporting process and management information pack at JUMP has significantly improved the management team’s access to up-to-date financial data, providing a clearer view of the company’s performance and enabling more informed future planning.

With monthly accounts now delivered within two weeks of month-end, the team can effectively track recent outcomes and strategize accordingly. Moreover, the revamped budget structure aligns with management accounts, business strategy, and operational needs, empowering the team to plan for growth more effectively.


In summary

Having clarity on the financial health of a business and implementing the appropriate financial systems are crucial for achieving long-term growth. With a clear understanding of JUMP’s financial status and the establishment of robust monitoring and reporting systems, the senior management team can make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and navigate challenges with confidence. This alignment enables them to remain focused on their overarching vision and effectively pursue their growth ambitions, establishing a solid foundation for sustainable success.


They said:

“Working alongside David from 360 Growth Partners to implement a robust reporting process and management information pack has been both interesting and extremely useful.  JUMP has never had this level of financial insight before, with clear targets, KPIs, and actionable insights at our fingertips. We now possess the tools necessary to not only manage our current operations effectively but also to plan for the future with confidence.

David’s expertise and considered approach has greatly improved our financial management practices. We look forward to working with him over the months ahead to support the development of other financial analysis.”

Rob Brown, Founder of  JUMP


We said:

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at JUMP and supporting them as they grow as individuals and as a company.They are true to their core values and beliefs, great at what they do and you won’t find a more genuine, self-effacing owner in Rob.
This means that our years of experience as growth specialists can have a real impact whilst complementing their expertise. We feel part of the team and we are now focused on what JUMP 3.0 will look like and how we can all work to achieve it.”

David Thomas, Finance Associate at 360 Growth Partners


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