Client Spotlight: Vida Creative

Image of Vida Creative Founders Henry Coggin & Ellen Hedley

What is Vida Creative all about?

Vida Creative is a creative agency based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, specialising in bespoke website development, branding, design and content marketing. They help innovative businesses achieve their goals by providing creative solutions to their problems.

Vida was originally based in the Newcastle NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator Hub on Newcastle Quayside but has since moved to a new office in Ouseburn to accommodate its growing team.

Vida Creative now has the scope to deliver to an ever-growing client portfolio, across a range of sectors locally and nationally.

The challenge

As with all start-ups and scaling businesses, growth brings challenges as well as opportunities. Suddenly days are consumed dealing with everyday client and team issues which can quickly impact on growth. Often, we find ourselves doing tasks that we don’t enjoy and perhaps don’t fit with our strengths.

Vida Creative wanted to put some more definitive plans in place to create a long-term, sustainable business. The senior management team recognised that if the business was going to realise its full potential, it must work on the overall strategy, understand how best to resource it and play to the strengths of individuals within the team in terms of delivering against objectives.



  1. To conduct a brief review of where Vida Creative have come from, where it is now and where it is going
  2. To give greater definition to roles and responsibilities, the Vida Creative culture and team engagement
  3. To help create some simple business plans that give greater clarity to the direction of travel, how to get there and how to measure progress.


The solution

  1. A ‘clarity of proposition’ and SWOT analysis to understand the market opportunity and how to realise it
  2. Create clear roles and responsibilities for the senior management team
  3. Create an ideal client persona to ensure Vida Creative is engaging with the right type of client and work
  4. Create a strategy house (a one pager detailing the strategy for growth) and supportive financials for 2021 to give clear direction for all and to be able to measure progress against key performance metrics.


360 Growth Partners will now work with Vida to deliver a 3-month rolling action plan with clear accountabilities. Our leadership and development coach is also working with the team to articulate a set of core values and behaviours to help develop a culture to engage the team and clients.

Our ongoing support will consider how 360 Growth Partners can best support the team to deliver growth for 2021, as well as coach the senior management team, developing  additional leadership skills.


The impact

We created a holistic, actionable strategy aimed at helping Vida Creative develop plans for its next phase of growth. This included:

  • A clearer understanding of what Vida Creative offers and its position in the market
  • A means of holding everyone to account
  • A simple view of the future which connects strategy with activity and associated measures
  • Updating several internal processes including how projects are managed
  • The creation of an ideal client persona; this is already providing the confidence to evolve Vida’s portfolio of clients
  • A better definition of roles and responsibilities within the business means better focus and efficiency
  • Clear financial targets around growth for 2021 alongside a clear strategy for getting there.


They said:

“When we started working with 360 Growth Partners, we knew we needed to get the business in a position where we were ready for the next phase of growth. We just weren’t quite sure where to start!

Andrew listened to our needs and goals, and helped us with a really clear plan of action to develop a strategy to take us forward.

Each session gave us something different to consider, and often ended up with us being inspired to implement certain things that we’d discussed straight away.

Now we have the strategy house to work with, we have a much clearer strategy, goals and actions to focus on. Not just financially or client-wise, but for all areas of the business.

We’re really looking forward to continuing our work with Andrew as we implement everything we’ve spoken about so far. Thank you!”

Ellen & Henry, Co-Founders of Vida Creative