Client Spotlight: Centre For Life

360 Growth Partners Supporting Life with Technology Strategy

Moving IT from a supporting to optimised business service

Life has a purpose of inspiring everyone to explore and enjoy science and to discover its relevance to their own lives. While the primary focus is on science engagement, Life also hosts partner organisations delivering ground-breaking research into regenerative medicine and genetics. Operating revenue comes from a diverse range of income generators with varied and unique operational needs, requirements, and support.

360 Growth Partners have worked with the team to develop a strategic technology plan which supports the organisations digital mission statement and the planning for cloud services.


The challenge

An overall strategy of moving to the cloud had been established, and some groundwork had been done, but a technology strategy and plan to make a final commitment was missing. Imminent investment was needed to support legacy systems bringing the technology and business strategy into sharp focus.

Project delivery within the organisation lacked structure and embarking on major pieces of work required a framework to ensure the successful delivery of any initiatives.



  1. Provide clarity and agree priorities for the IT function
  2. Review IT roles and responsibilities (including external suppliers)
  3. Define how the business works with and engages the IT function


The solution

  1. Create the case for change
  2. Roles, responsibilities, and communications plan
  3. Plan the Journey
  4. Create a technology strategy that will define the direction of travel
  5. Create a CFL technology roadmap


The impact

Working alongside the Life IT Manager, a technology strategy and roadmap was created. Life now has a clearer view of the future direction for the technology service, with a business commitment to moving to cloud services and a project structure to deliver the plan. The journey has started and the first phases of the plan are now being implemented.

In summary

After successfully working alongside the Technology function to create the strategy and plan, 360 Growth Partners continue to support the delivery of the plan. Partnering with Life to support the technical presentation of solutions as well as the creation of project frameworks and tools to deliver future plans.

They said:

“Mark and the 360 Team have offered invaluable support in assisting the team navigate through complex technology decisions. They provided insights and support to help us develop our technology strategy and continue to provide advice and guidance. They are more like additional team members rather than consultants.”

Mark Peart, Head of Information Technology


We said:

“Technology strategies shine the light at the end of the tunnel, but a roadmap and project management is the train engine that moves the organisation forward.”

Mark Jenkinson, Business Technology Associate at 360 Growth Partners


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