Client Spotlight: Baerlocher UK

Daniel Midcalf , Managing Director at Baerlocher UK

Developing a performance management culture

Baerlocher UK (BUK) represents the Baerlocher group of companies within the UK PVC markets. Located in Bury, Lancashire, they manufacture PVC additive mixtures based upon Calcium based PVC stabiliser technology.

Baerlocher UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of privately owned Baerlocher GmbH and is part of a 200 year success story. Originally founded over 51 years ago in 1973, BUK employs 37 people in the UK and continues to be at the forefront of, and an innovator in, the PVC market.

Their challenge

Building a performance management culture to return the UK subsidiary to a position of growth and accelerate decision making by creating a more empowered and engaged team.


  1. To have a clear vision, mission and core values supported by a strategic plan.
  2. To develop a deliverable and measurable action plan.
  3. To create a devolved and shared development of the BUK business.
  4. To implement a structured approach to managing performance of the business and individuals.
  5. To give everyone in the business the opportunity to unlock their full potential.


The solution

  1. Create a strategy house and roadmap to underpin all activity and business growth.
  2. Develop core values and behaviours and embed these into BUK ways of working.
  3. Introduce a new forum to develop the leaders of the future and share responsibility for the growth of the business.
  4. To identify a project management tool to manage all key objectives and give everyone visibility of progress.
  5. Regular check ins with the MD to support creating an effective team capable of leading and thriving in a changing culture.


The impact

360 Growth Partners have been working with Baerlocher UK for 16 months and the business has for the first time got a clear consolidated plan for the business with a roadmap for action. A new forum has been created and we are currently working with the directors and senior managers on having clear accountabilities and responsibilities based on revised job descriptions and objectives.

It is too early to see the impact in the financial results but the UK business is well on the way to establishing the desired performance management culture which can only help support growth over the next few years and create a wider team who can drive that growth.


In summary

Many businesses make the investment to develop a strategy or growth plan but fail to effectively manage the implementation of it. Holding yourself and your teams to account and being prepared to ‘learn together’ is where the real change happens. The whole senior leadership team need to be part of the implementation and involved in creating a performance culture. Rigorous and honest assessment using clear measurements will help drive improved performance for the business and individuals and attract like minded people to the organisation.


They said:

“Attending a course facilitated by Alice was a lightbulb moment for me realising we had serious blockages within our business structure and we needed some support. That was the start
of our partnership with 360 Growth Partners to create a performance management culture.

Andrew’s manner, care, enthusiasm, and integrity has enabled him to successfully interact with various stakeholders. Whilst, at times, it has been an uncomfortable journey I know that Andrew
and the 360 team are totally invested in supporting us to understand and deliver to our vision and goals.”

Daniel Midcalf, Managing Director of Baerlocher UK


We said:

“It has been a pleasure working with Dan and the wider team to create the right environment and framework for individual and business growth. It is still early days but I have been really impressed how far the business has come in a short space of time. There is a real desire to listen and learn and Dan has been prepared to make the investment, to accept the support and has demonstrated a humility that so many leaders don’t possess. We look forward to supporting the team to fully realise the investment in time and money.”

Andrew Silver, Founder of 360 Growth Partners


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