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We understand the challenges that growing businesses face

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Unlocking your potential together

You’re not alone, we’ve been where you are and understand your challenges.

We know that to create different results you’ll need to adapt and change.

We can work with you to identify and coordinate the adjustments you need to accelerate your growth using our 360 analysis and 5 step proven process so you gain:

“Andrew and the 360 team have been invaluable over the past 3 years in supporting the growth of my business. We continually feel the benefits of working with such an experienced team and the support we receive on an ongoing basis is indispensable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew and the 360 team to anyone looking for help and support within their business."

Rob Brown, Founder of JUMP

Image of Rob Brown, JUMP Founder
Business Growth Partners

We can help with all areas of your business

We offer a full 360 business support to meet your business needs, including:

• Developing a practical strategic growth plan
• Developing people to meet future challenges
• Implementing an achievable road map
• Creating smarter marketing strategies and plans
• Implementing systems and processes to support growth
• Financing the growth plan

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Our proven 5 step process

Discover how our simple 5 step process can help you take control and unlock the potential within your business and your people.
We asses your business
We advise your business
We create a growth plan for your business
We make things happen
What gets measured gets done
Image of Julia Hankin, Centre for Life

"The 360 team are like partners and colleagues rather than external consultants. They’ve listened, challenged, and worked with us to unpack complexities, clarify priorities and help us develop plans that are already making a real difference."

Julia Hankin, Marketing, Communications and IT Director at International Centre for Life

Who are 360?

Think of us as an extension to your own internal team. We are your partners on the inside and not the consultants on the outside. As our name suggests we offer the full 360 business support and operate on a flexible needs based approach.

We support businesses like yours to achieve your goals by working together and staying true to our principles. Our values underpin everything we do. They guide how we work together, make decisions and how we work with our clients, they are: Collaboration, Delivery, Simplicity, Positivity and Respect.

Meet the team
Meet 360 Growth Partners

Supporting your success

We work in partnership with clients to support sustainable growth. Here are some recent examples:

Moving IT from a supporting to optimised business service

“Mark and the 360 Team have offered invaluable support in assisting the team navigate through complex technology decisions. They provided insights and support to help us develop our technology strategy and continue to provide advice and guidance. They are more like additional team members rather than consultants.”
Mark Peart , Head of IT at International Centre for Life
Logo for International Centre For Life

Using leadership development to build capability for growth

“We were very aware we needed to support our engineering specialists to develop and further enhance their leadership and management skills as we continued to grow the business.
All of the senior leadership team are primarily focused on our employees, client relationships and project responsibilities so it was great to find a partner who could provide ‘bite sized’ group development and targeted 121 coaching. We found this really helped our managers and leaders grow in confidence and become even more effective leaders to continue taking the business forward.”
Steven Horn, Director at Black & White Engineering
Logo for Black and White Engineering

Using brand to compete in a global marketplace

“360 Growth Partners helped us develop our identity and build a brand that would project confidence into the marketplace. We achieved the aim and as a result we have seen a rapid increase in interest for the provision of our products and services in the UK, and now also opportunities to work internationally.
Growing and developing a brand and brand strategy is an ongoing process and we fully expect to seek the expertise of 360 Growth Partners in the future as we go from success to success.”
Mark Philpott, CEO of NPH Group
Logo for NPH Group
We can help grow your business

We can help you grow your business and develop your team

We understand strategy and business theory, but our passion is about making things happen, it’s the implementation that matters, so you can successfully grow your business.

We are here to help you; achieve your vision, develop your people, improve your performance and increase your profit.

Get in touch today to discuss unlocking the potential of your business:

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